Moses Tours was named the ‘2014 Temecula’s Best’ award for tours in Temecula Valley. Our niche is that our wine tours are private, and unlike other wine tour companies, we do not pile up customers into large buses to ride alongside other groups.

Visiting some of Temecula’s finest wineries should be nothing less than a memorable experience, and therefore, when you book with Moses Tours, we guarantee that our hospitality and service outclasses any of our competitors.

While we specialize in private wine tours, we also provide accommodation for large parties of up to 30 people.

Ranked as one of five safest cities in the United States, Temecula offers an abundance of leisure and activities, including Wine Country, Old Town, state parks, camping resorts, hot air ballooning, pop festivals, theatres, top ranked breweries, golf courses, and more.

Moses knew he discovered a piece of heaven on earth the moment he discovered Temecula in 2012. In 2013, Moses and his wife took a leap of faith, packed up their family’s most valuable belongings, and moved their family of seven across the county. With nothing in place upon arrival, the family started a new life in what has become their beloved Temecula.